Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Marks of Lower Subordinate (Pre) Exam- 2010 | Marks of Naib Tehsildar (Pre) Exam-2010

Written by Anil Singh

Marks of Lower Subordinate (Pre) Exam- 2010 | Marks of Naib Tehsildar (Pre) Exam-2010

Marks of Lower Subordinate (Pre) Exam- 2010 | Marks of Naib Tehsildar (Pre) Exam-2010

The File above, has to be saved in your PC first. If you have difficulty accessing the Cut off Marks of Lower Subordinate (Pre) Exam- 2010 from teh UKPSC website. Then access the same list from Here.

Intelligence You can Use:

Out of all candidates who appeared in the Examination:

Topper scored 131.25 (87.5 Percent)

2 candidates scored 130 or more Marks, including Topper (Above 86.6 percent)
23 candidates scored 120-130 Marks (80-86.6 percent)
199 candidates scored 110-120 Marks (73.3-80 percent)
788 candidates scored 100-110 Marks (66.6-73.3 percent)

1012 candidates secured 100 or above Marks (66.6-87.5 percent)


2038 candidates scored 90-100 Marks (60-66.6 percent)


3922 candidates scored 80-90 Marks (53.3-60 percent)
6093 candidates scored 70-80 Marks (46.6-53.3 percent)
8262 candidates scored 60-70 Marks (40-46.6 percent)
9744 candidates scored 50-60 Marks (33.3-40 percent)

28021 candidates scored 50-90 Marks (33.3-60 percent)


9655 candidates scored 40-50 Marks (26.6-33.3 percent)
7320 candidates scored 30-40 Marks (20-26.6 percent)
3795 candidates scored 20-30 Marks (13.3-20 percent)
908 candidates scored 10-20 Marks (6.6-13.3 percent)
128 candidates secured 0-10 Marks (0-6.6 percent)

21806 candidates scored 50-0 Marks (33.3-0 percent)


Out of the 52879 candidates who appeared in the Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate 2010 Pre Exam ---  5223 Qualified for the Uttarakhand Lower Subordinate Mains 2010. In percentage terms, 9.87 percent or roughly 10 percent OR '1 in Every TEN candidates' qualified for the Mains.


Of all candidates who appeared in the exam --- 33654 belonged to General Category (includes Females as well). Out of these, UF or Uttarakhand Females were, 13940.

Assuming that 50 percent of the total seats in pre are going to General Category; hence 2610 seats are given general Candidates. out of these, about 520+ can go to General UF. This leaves roughly 2090 seats for GE category Male. On keen evaluation of data, it appears that the 

Cut Off marks for General Category Male, with no sub category: is around 96 marks (+1 or 2 marks)


Cut-Off is a tough nut to crack: In the absence of the information on how the seats are distributed category-wise'; nailing down on a cut-off realistic enough, is a lot of work. We tried our best to arrive at the cut off we shared with you. Hope you'll appreciate.

Through out today, we will be adding more intelligent information in this article -- information which you can use. So keep visiting the article after an hour gap.

2 constructive comments:

  • manish says:
    18 April 2012 at 12:54

    i acknowledge the pain this blog managers have taken to facilitate the aspirants to have a holistic view of the pcs(lower) result and commend them for their "labour of love ".however,the breakdown of sc/st cutoff is conspicuous by its absence and the same will give a inclusive appraisal of this exam.

    your votary
    manish kumar

  • Admin says:
    18 April 2012 at 13:20

    @manishKumar_________Dear Mr. Kumar, thank you for your praise. We indeed want to arrive at a category-wise cut-off. But in the absence of the information about the percentage of seats given to each category; it's hard to arrive at a cut-off for SC, ST, OBC, UF and those with reservation under sub categories.

    And you will agree, the lower the number of candidates; the more inconsistent the analysis becomes.

    Have faith on us; we'll try to get a category wise cut-off soon.