Thursday 12 April 2012

Rave Yoga is getting Popular in US

Written by Anil Singh

Hats off to the fellow humans, who are great at inventing new concepts.

Take Rave Yoga for instance.

Inspired from Rave Parties popular in most parts of the world now. Some Yoga practitioners in USA have introduced this new concept of Rave Yoga. But, unlike Rave parties -- which are defined by techno-subconsciously hitting music renditions, drugs and sex; the newly introduced concept of Rave Yoga, although has a lot of dancing and bending; but that is to the music in praise of almighty (Bhajans, Kirtans) and a lot of group Yoga.

My only worry is that, taken by the moment, the Yoga practitioners in these Rave Yoga parties don't twist, turn and bend, rather too vigorously.

Swami Prabhupad, who is credited for introducing USA to Kirtans ; would be delighted to see people dancing in one of these Rave Yoga aggregations, to songs in 'Lord's Praise'.

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