Tuesday 10 April 2012

Badrinath-Kedarnath committee increases Kedarnath Pooja Rates

Written by Anil Singh

The Badrinath-Kedarnath committee has decided to increase the rates of the various prayers offered at the Kedarnath shrine from the coming season – That’s second Lst Week of April.

Below are the Rate Lists of various Poojas or Ritual-Prayer combine at kedarnath Shrine in Uttarakhand:

‘Sampoorna Pooja’ will now cost Rs 20,000 ( earlier its rate was Rs 15,000)
‘Akhand Jyoti Varshik’ will also now cost Rs 20,000 ( earlier its rate was Rs 15,000)
‘Maha Abhishek’ will cost Rs 6600 against ( Rs 5100 earlier)
‘Rudra Abhishek’ will now cost Rs 5300 ( Rs 4100 earlier)

The committee underlined that Badrinath-Kedarnath Mandir Samiti Act can increase the rates for various prayers offered at the Bdrinatn and Kedarnath shrines every three years. Last time the hike in the rate of the prayers at the Kedarnath shrine was made in 2009.

The committee is justifying the increase in the prayer rates, as a logical consequence of the recent increase in service taxes in the union budget, which has made everything more costly.

This I think is a wrong justification; as even if the increase in commodity prices, cost of living, arsing from inflation and 2.5 percent services tax hike is taken into account; still the 33-29 percent Hike in Pooja Rates at Kedarnath Shrine is WRONG.

Wrong in a sense that, if the committee wishes to increase rates, it can; but it shouldn’t justify it with wrong reasons.

After all, pilgrimage in any religion is not a cheap exercise. And people are willing to empty their pockets when they visit their Lord. Those who don’t go on pilgrimage, follow the adage – “Man Changa To Kathauti Mei Ganga” (If Soul is Pure, Ganga comes to the Water container of a Cobbler or Mochi).

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