Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Uttarakhand CM Vijay Bahuguna's Decision NOT to draw salary until becomes MLA is a Gimmick

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand's new CM's decision NOT to draw salary until he becomes a member of Uttarakhand State Assembly, is not a good sign for Indian democracy; as it put undue pressure on other legislators -- both in the government and the opposition. It's also puts undue pressure on any person in public dealing, on Government payroll.

NOTE: Currently he is an MP, or Member of Parliament, and not an MLA; he will have to contest the MLA election within 6 months from his swearing in as Uttarakhand's CM.

Why? As it makes a wrong perception among the public --a perception which says that a person into public service or public dealing should not work for money; He/she should work for the sake of public service.

Politicians, who are clever people, know that letting off their monthly salaries; and making it a public event; distracts the public from real issues like Governance.

To emphasize, when people start seeing gestures like 'NOT drawing salary meant for one's work' in a larger than life manner; then most of the times they get poor quality of Governance.

We should realize that, 'Salary or remuneration for One's work' are an integral part of human existence. As our bread and butter comes from it. For obvious reasons, No person, that includes are Representatives, is exception to this rule.

Hence, we shouldn't emphasize too much on these 'Hollow gestures'; As gestures are not more than symbols with ulterior motives.

On contrary, whenever one of our representatives or public functionaries lets off his/her salary for our sake; we should tell him/she to take his full salary/allowances/perks, and give us the best quality work, including the Governance.

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