Saturday, 26 May 2012

Horse-trading as seen from a Voter's Eye

Written by Anil Singh

Now that BJP MLA from Sitarganj Kiran Mandal has resigned from his seat and visibly joined the Congress, BJP in Uttarakhand is bitter. So bitter, that the main opposition party in Uttarakhand is accusing Congress of horse-trading in Uttarakhand (Horse-trading means buying MLAs just like one buys horses).

With even Uttarakhand BJP President Bishan Singh Chufal accusing Congress in the most vitriolic of tongues (vitriolic means something related to acid. Vitriolic Tongue thus means a tongue which spits acid) of horse-trading and making BJP MLAs hostage; I think BJP should be first examining its own conscience.


As hadn't the BJP lured ex-Congressman TPS Rawat to vacate his seat in 2007. Secondly, if BJP accuses Congress of 'making MLAs Hostage', then hasn't BJP too 'transported MLAs and MPs, which included independents as well, to some unknown destinations in the past'?

BJP itself has committed everything it's at present accusing Congress of; hence it should keep quite.

As a citizen, we have no means to ascertain when an MLA resigns for 'Money' and when inspired by 'change of heart'. Hence for us, both TPS Rawat and Kiran Mandal could have resigned their respective seats for Money.

Hence for us if Congress indulged in Horse-trading in 2012, then BJP did the same five years ago.

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