Saturday, 26 May 2012

May 25 hottest day for Dehradun in 8 years

Written by Anil Singh

On May 25,2012, the mercury touched 41.4 degree Celsius in Dehradun, making it the hottest day temperature recorded in the last eight years. The maximum temperature of the day in Dehradun was recorded at 41.4 degree Celsius, which is the highest in this season so far. The temperature is 6 degree above normal. This was also the highest temperature recorded in May since 2004 when it sizzled at 41.6 degree Celsius. Humans are Warm blooded animals, that's they can't change their body temperature according to the outside temperature. The average human body temperature is 37 degree Celsius. No wonder, even two to three degrees hike in temperature makes us rattle.

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