Tuesday, 8 May 2012

India and Uttarakhand are also seeing Rising Doctor-Patient Attacks

Written by Anil Singh

China has increased Hospital Security Amid Rising Doctor-Patient Attacks.

The situation is not of China alone, India and Uttarakhand are also seeing Rising Doctor-Patient Attacks.

What mindset contributes to this mindset:

Whenever the attendants of a patient attack a doctor in India, they are pre-occupied with the one or all of the following mindsets:

1) Doctors, who are duty bound to take care of the patients, never act in a responsible manner or in a timely manner.

2) The doctor comes from a reserved category, hence doesn't know how to treat a patient.

3) Doctors are money mongers.

4) Doctors are not humans, and hence they should have hundred percent success rate.

Courtesy this mindset, people manhandle & sometimes beat registered doctors in Private and Government hospitals and damage the hospital property.

Here I should make it clear that, I'm not defending in general, doctors and other medical staff. In some cases, they do have inadequate expertise, callousness and selfish motives. What I'm doing here, is enlist the reasons and the possible remedies, so that both the parties -- the patients and the doctors, remain responsible and motivated about their duties.

Pre-empt is an important word:

In problem solving, the word 'Pre-empt' is of utmost importance. Pre-empt means taking steps which ends the possibility of the incidence of a problem. To help you understand this, let I give you an example.

Head injuries received in road accidents, account for the most deaths. One pre-emptive step that removes the possibility of a head injury itself, is the wearing of a good helmet.

An even better pre-emptive action taken by parents, is to teach their kids, whenever they ride their two-wheeler, not to over-speed, follow traffic rules, not talk on mobile while driving, not make fun of the traffic constable and wear a genuine helmet.

If people take pre-emptive steps -- the question of the doctor's carelessness, in-expertise and callousness never arise.

With regard to normal illnesses and diseases -- Adopting a healthy lifestyle and yearly pathological tests -- are some other pre-emptive steps.

An important pre-emptive step, which nearly everyone should practice, is only visiting an MBBS doctor. Going to a Quack ('Jhola chhaap' doctor with no recognised degrees or a doctor having an ayurvedic degree but practising Allopath Medicine) is the worst thing one can do to his health and well being. Hence such quacks should never be trusted.

Although this can't be proved with stats, but people do waste valuable time with these quacks and reach a genuine doctor, when it's too late.

Report, before it's Too late

As said above, doctors are not Gods. Like you and I, they are humans. They can also commit mistakes in their profession, and they can be greedy and immoral as well.

Hence use your discretion and report any irregularity, before it's too late. If your discretion says, the callousness comes under the ambit of legal action; then go ahead with it. Thrashing a doctor for some unfortunate incident is not desirable; as humans need time to analyse events.

Let we as citizens do our duties and take pre-emptive steps; let the doctors do their job (after all they have studied the discipline). if we keep thrashing them every now and then, they will not take critical cases. And we know, only a doctor can save a life in such situations.

To make you think: In a recent survey, conducted by United Kingdoms' (England is a constituting country) NHS (National Health Scheme), majority of doctors said, they don't want to treat those patients, who don't 'quit smoking or lose weight' even after being advised by the doctor. The reason, most doctors put forward, is that although treating such patients is very difficult, people always blame the doctors for not treating them well. Imagine what will happen, if a doctor in India chooses not to take a case as the person injured didn't wear a helmet, or is steeply diabetic?

Blaming a doctor for everything that went wrong sets a wrong precedent.


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