Friday, 11 May 2012

Yahoo's Munna Bhai

Written by Harb

You thought it happened only in India?

No, no, Indians just take the matters more to the heart when something derogatory is discovered about them because of their inferiority complex vis-a-vis the westerns.

No doubt we have found some doctors, police officers and other lowly officials with fake educational qualifications. But I don't think we have yet found any highly placed CEO of a reputed Indian company of the like of Infosys, Tata or Reliance with fake degree to compare with the high-flying CEO of world-famous Yahoo Inc.

Recently appointed Yahoo Inc's Chief Executive Mr Scott Thomson was previously President of eBay Inc Division of PayPal, world's number one e-commerce business and money transfer company.

Thought to be highly educated in computers and related sciences and equally highly efficient in running related companies he was picked up by Yahoo Board to breathe life into the sinking Yahoo Titanic.

Now it transpires that he has no computer science degree despite what he had stated in his official company biography and regulatory filings with US Securities and Exchange Commission, US equivalent of India's SEBI - Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Nor he is better than Indians and specially Indian politicians in rebutting the accusation.

Like Indian politicians saying "I never made that statement, media made it up," Mr Thomson now says he "never provided resume or incorrect information to Yahoo."

Can one imagine it?

Of course it is acceptable that one can be highly efficient in running a company without related degree. For, one can hire any number of highly educated people but administration is sort of a God-given talent.

Even our Munna Bhai proved this indirectly in a way when he successfully cured a patient. He proved that curing is also a God-given gift which is in fact why even many Babas of today are doing lucrative business.

But the question is why Mr Thomson gave the incorrect information in his official company biography.

I wonder if it was somehow necessary to satisfy the stock holders of Yahoo on the part of the Yahoo Board.

As per latest news his appointment is on shaky ground and one doesn't know when he will be kicked out.

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