Friday, 11 May 2012

Children in China Put on Drip to perform better in College Entrance Exam

Written by Anil Singh

A very interesting picture is circulating on the web from the past couple of days. The picture shows a classroom like hall wherein children are reading books [Pic below]. Adjacent to each child is seen a Saline drip stand, one we normally see in our hospital wards for the purpose of administering glucose and saline to patients.

According to the details, the said picture is of a school in Jiyagan in Hubai Province of China and is part of the Chinese Government sponsored Programme, wherein students preparing for the prestigious ‘National College Entrance Exam, Gao Ko’ are administered amino acid drips (amino acids are the constituents of protein) so that they can learn and perform better in the examination.

Notably, The Chinese Government pays 10 Yuan (Chinese currency) per student under this programme. As expected, the picture is getting staunch criticism from concerned parents and aware individuals.

A Chinese blogger’s comment to this picture fully summarizes the criticism: “Children are not the Patients, The Society is

Another example of Middle Class Aspirations:

The picture above is not exception to China. It’s the story of the Middle class in most countries. A story which aptly represents one thing: “Middle Class can go to any extent to fulfill its aspirations”.

Whether it be asking their kids to gulp in a “memory enhancing capsule prior to an examination or like regimen two times a day”, OR suggesting an “anti depressant prescription drug before an important interview ” OR making the child drink “bottles and bottles of Height enhancing syrup” middle classes across the world, are seen having no inhibitions doing that.

Just open Wikipedia and search intelligently, and you will find instances where ambitious groups (read middle classes) in the society even gave their silent and closet approval to those acts within the group which can be considered a taboo in any civilize society. The primary thought behind such sanctions was and is to ensure that the kid is not always preoccupied with sex thoughts and hence can focus on his studies with well. In Indian context, the malice of female foeticide, which is prevalent among fast improving, prospering, growing and educated middle class, indicates the “reluctance of Indian middle class to accept anything but the best (which they perceive as the best)”.

To summarize the article:

An intelligent person once said:

"A father is duty bound, not to provide to his children what is best in the world; instead he is duty bound to provide to his children “What best he can provide”.

Parents are thus duty bound (by God) to accept the offspring, the God has given them. And try their best to help him/her develop into a happy individual, not only in his/her childhood but also as a youth -- while keeping the child’s health, both mental and physical health, as the priority.

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