Saturday, 1 September 2012

BSc IT and Engineers saw their Uttarakhand District Cooperative Bank Application Rejected! Why?

Written by Anil Singh

Unfortunately a significant number of applicants of the Uttarakhand District Cooperative Bank saw their forms rejected. As expected, most of them are dejected. This can be understood.

One of the main reasons for the application rejection is "Not Enclosing a Computer Diploma".

Many applicants have found this absurd as their Graduation subject is -- Computers or IT.

Is it absurd on the part of the Examination Body to bar such candidates?

The examination Body has clearly mentioned in the prospectus, the names of Computer programmes it will accept. That apart, it was also clearly mentioned in the prospectus and the notification that only a Computer Diploma from recognised State or Central Institution will be valid.

Thus, the acceptable format was: Graduation from Recognised Indian University + Computer Diploma.

Submitting, just the Graduation marksheet, resulted in rejection.

Reasoning put forward by those whose application is rejected:

Those who unfortunately saw their applications rejected reasoned that: If a person has done BSc IT or BTech in CS, then he/she doesn't require a computer diploma?

The Reasoning appears convincing.

But on a close look, it may not be that fool-proof.

It's to be noted that the banks conduct separate technical recruitments when they require technical professionals, that's Engineers or BCAs or MCAs.

Hence a bank is quite logical when it conducts non-technical recruitment, like the current Uttarakhand District Cooperative Bank recruitment, and puts such a condition (graduation+ 6 month computer diploma), which encourages non-technical graduates like BSc, BCom, or BA.

Has the GBUAT mentioned 3 Years Graduation from any recognised University in India. If this is the case, then it becomes clear, the recruitment was not engineers.

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