Wednesday 28 December 2016

Insufficient Funds NOT Uttarakhand CM's Headache | BJP Dehradun Rally

Written by Anil Singh

In yesterday's BJP Rally in Dehradun, party leader Shri Narendra Modi said many things. You may be amused and may be angry as to why this article doesn't address him as 'PM Narendra Modi'. The primary reason is that whenever he addresses the people of India from the dais in such rallies, he appears more like a party man and less like a PM.

Take for instance, yesterday's rally. He said many things. But one thing which didn't suit his stature as PM was the one which attacked the latest projects announced & executive decisions made by the Uttarakhand CM. The PM tried to link these projects and executive decisions a non-serious ones. If the words summarize to the closest accuracy then he said this -- "Such stones installed everywhere (foundation stones) mean nothing as one needs funds to implement the projects!". I will not use the word mock here, but even if one uses the word, it will not be inappropriate. 

Rather than commenting on all the projects and executive decisions made by the State CM, the PM should have either remained silent on them or should have commented on those announcements which he found unworthy of implementation. As a PM he can't say the CM must have funds to implement them. Because at the end of the day, it's the Union Government who's responsible for providing bear-share of funds to the state. Hence as a PM of India, Mr. Modi cannot mock a state Government for not having insufficient funds.


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