Tuesday 4 September 2007

Please complete your article, Mr Joshi !

Written by Anil Singh

Read “Save rare flowering plant facing extinction” by Mr. Deep Joshi, HT August 30 2007. The article is about Patwa or Meizotropis pellita. The later is the botanical name of the plant. Former is the popular name and more known. The article informs the reader about the rarity of the flowering shrub, found just in one place in the entire world-- in a village named Patwadangar near Nainital. The reader is also informed about the threat to the plant in its present habitat, leading to its possible extinction in the near future.
The proactive role of some concerned researchers is also highlighted. It is also mentioned that the concerned researchers will start an awareness programme among the masses regarding the importance of the plant to the fragile ecology of the region.
But even after devoting 20% space on the page the writer left the writing utterly incomplete. It is alright to discuss the rarity, the proactive role of a few and the need to do something fast, but equally important is to inform the reader, in non-ambiguous manner the ways in which the said plant is important to the people. How can the writing stir the reader to the point he or she thinks sincerely about the issue if he or she is clueless about the benefits of the plant. Thus if the writer thinks he has written the most informative article, I’m sorry, he failed greatly. The non-existence of the importance aspect of the said plant, failed the entire effort.

If you also feel strongly about the situation or have something that we can share in this regard, kindly have your say.

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