Thursday, 5 February 2009

No slowdown for Tipplers

Written by Anil Singh

When the entire world is feeling the pinch of the slowdown, the Uttarakhand Government's excise department is witnessing its revenue increase leaps and bounds.

Reason ?... the heavy liquor consumption in the state.

The liquor sale is an important contributor in the state's excise revenue. As the state has a very few other sources of revenue, it'll not be wrong to say that the liquor revenue is the only revenue source for the state. Hence increase in liquor sale in the state brings about a tangible growth in its excise revenue.

Please consider these facts:

The revenue target fixed by the excise dept at the beginning of this financial year:___Rs 501 crore

The revenue received at the end of the third quarter of this FY:____________Rs 416 crore

Hence average revenue collected per quarter, in the last three quarters:______Rs 138.6 crore

If the trend remains the same in the last quarter as well, then by the end of this financial year the total revenue collected will be:_______________ Rs 554 crore

Amount of revenue this FY over the target fixed earlier:_______554- 501= Rs 53 crore


The Total revenue collected in the previous FY(2007-08):______ Rs 444 crore

Growth compare to the previous FY:_____________________25 %


Last year, the people of the state were spending on an average Rs 37 crore per month. By the end of this FY they will be spending Rs 46 crore per month on liquor.

If we assume the population of the state to be One crore, then per capita liquor consumption in the state comes out to be Rs 46 per month by the end of this FY, which an year ago was Rs 37 per month. An increase of 25 percent.

Two years back this number was Rs 31 per person per month.

According to the state's Excise department, compared to other states with similar geography like Himanchal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, the state of Uttarakhand spends much more on liquor.

The states of Himanchal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir should b appreciated for this.

And Uttarakhand needs to do some interospection.

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