Tuesday 31 May 2011

Missing Girls of Uttarakhand -- Planned killing of Girl Child in womb

Written by Anil Singh

My Precious Baby
The recent census pointed out that Punjab and Haryana are the states who have killed their unborn daughters most. They may be favoring BOY-BOY, GIRL-BOY and BOY-GIRL combinations over the GIRL-GIRL one (else how could the number of girls per 1000 boys came down to 800 something); but it'll be wrong to single out these two states and give a blind eye to the deeds of the rest.

To be frank, let’s admit, we Indians as one people have discriminated against our daughters. We have killed them in womb, irrespective of how religious and how civilized we claim ourselves to be.

Let’s talk of Uttarakhand.

The girl to boy child ratio is worsening with each passing year. Even those districts which had the ratio favoring girl child in 2000, the founding year of Uttarakhand, are bringing themselves in parity with those districts that were second fiddles ten years ago. Not to mention the worst districts; they are now on path to achieve the ratios one finds in the worst districts of Punjab and Haryana.

The picture is clear, to those who are willing to see it -- We (the people of Uttarakhand) are killing our unborn daughters, just like any other north Indian states. We may look simple, innocent and God fearing to the outside world; but we are not any different from the rest of “unborn girl killing” lot.

Don’t pull guns at me; let I show you the picture if you are willing to have a look at it. And the picture is not that far. All you have to do is look at people around you – your family, friends and neighborhood you live in.

Just count how many of young couples around you (those who get married in 90s and later) – in your family, friends circle; relatives and neighborhood have TWO GIRLS -- two giggling girls below 10 years of age. Let I tell you, you will count them on your finger tips.

Now count how many of these young couples have TWO BOYS or ONE BOY AND ONE GIRL. You will find many.

Now take another observation, look at the average age gap between boys in the BOY-BOY and ELDER BOY-YOUNGER GIRL combination. In all likelihood, the age gap will be close to ideal, i.e, three years. Now, look for the age gap between the girl and boy in ELDER GIRL AND YOUNGER BOY set. In most cases the age gap will be in excess of the ideal age gap -- 4,5, 7, 8 or may be 10.

The picture is clear, to a willing eye – People in Uttarakhand are discriminating against their unborn daughters; silently killing them in a planned manner. A girl is tolerated only once but not twice; and if the first child is a girl, planned foeticide (killing of child in mother’s womb) is practiced, sometimes for many years, to ensure the second child is a son.

I'm not here to generalize the situation. In fact there are countless people who have kept an equal perspective with respect to the gender of their children; in addition, many of the observations that have been shared above, can have other reasons, apart from girl child discrimination; but the situation discussed in this write-up is real. Easy accessibility and awareness among masses, of the 'Pre Birth Gender Detection (ultra sound)', has brought to surface their real views regarding gender; making popular 'very planned execution' of girl child. A trend that has spared no one -- right from Highly educated to the Least ones. Right from top earning, to defense personnel, to service class, to unemployed all can be seen indulged in it.

It's high time that we start looking at things with a humane perspective. Rearing kids, just for the sake of rearing them, and not associating gender blockages to our thoughts. Try to provide good education to our girls and see them reach new heights in their lives. Simply remembering that -- A child irrespective of its gender, gives ample happiness to the parents; then why ruin that happiness with killing a child -- who can embrace us, kiss us with all her heart.

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