Monday 6 June 2011

Baba Ramdev and Electronic Media Lies

Written by Anil Singh

The currently buzzing Ramdev story once again proves that, a man, no matter what kind of robe he puts on, can make up talk to any extent if he's hell bent to do so; another thing which the incident proves, is that Indian Electronic media is least impartial and takes sides on the basis of emotion and crowd; than objectivity.

Let I elaborate this.

It may be true that the police personnel were sent to press Ramdev Baba end his hunger strike on the behest of Manmohan Singh Government at center. Equally true is his deportation to the Uttarakhand capital in a hush hush manner. But does police actually resort to caning people gathered at the Ram Leela Ground? Does police actually resort to atrocities when it came to make Baba end his hunger strike and evacuate the venue? In all objectivity it doesn't seem so.

So what police atrocity, Baba and the electronic media are talking about?

Are they making up "all the police atrocity talk”?

It seems so.

First of all if there had been any incident of police caning people at the hunger strike venue, any TV channel present there may have recorded it. How come, the same TV channels who were reporting LIVE from the venue only hours ago; packed their bags and left the venue desolate. Add to this the fact that the electronic media may be privy of some major impeding action from the Government sooner than later, courtesy their sources in the Government itself.

BTW, the media didn't leave the venue. They were there; they recorded Baba jumping off the stage and address his followers mounted on top of shoulder of a disciple. If media had the saneness to record that, then why did it not record "Police caning the people"? But they can't; as nothing such happened there.

One can say this for sure; as in this era of mobile phones with adequate video recording capability; not even a single common man present there, which in all likelihood would be a baba sympathizer, captured anything.

Unfortunately, all the 'post incident talk' of Baba and electronic media kept on repeating one lie after another -- Plain lies, that kept misleading the viewer.

Baba Ramdev may have the highest good in his heart when he started his war against corruption; but making up facts will still be considered a sin. Police may have a bad reputation among the masses; but misleading people by resorting to common perception rather than the truth, can't be defended either. Any crusade, whether it is for the good of a single mortal or the whole mankind should be founded on truth; something which is called 'Dhamma'. Speaking lies is definitely not from which inner power emanates.

Regarding Electronic media, this kind of reporting, begs them just one question -- Is it right to mislead the world, only because you have the power to get heard and skill to speak eloquently? Your aim should be to bring out the truth, and not take sides, based on blatant lies.

Baba Ramdev's fight against corruption has lost all its inner strength. Baba may have started his campaign with a great purity of heart; but call it pressure of peers, well wishers, "crowd-seeking" Indian electronic media; or his own passion; he lost his way the point he started believing in the adage that "Goal is more important than means".

May God Bless Baba and Indian Electronics Media; and put them on right path.

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