Sunday 4 September 2011

Does staff shortage at your college in Uttarakhand makes you unhappy & worried about your future

Written by Anil Singh

Merely taking admission in your chosen subject for higher education in some university is not enough. The success of the degree/course you have taken admission at, will primarily depend on whether you get quality teachers or faculties during the entire duration of your course. In the absence of one, it’s hard to complete the course or dgree with success.

This very fact is raised by Karnataka Governor Hans Raj Bhardwaj yesterday. The Governor said that a majority of the universities in the state that are on a mission to impart qualitative higher education lacked sufficient staff.Speaking at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) at Mysore on Friday, the honorable Governor, who is also responsible for quality of education in the state, said:

“It is unfortunate that many of the universities have only around 50 per cent staff, and are struggling to provide quality education.”

Honorable Governor further added that -- the lack of good teachers would affect the quality of education. A factor which results in many under-graduates and postgraduates fail to get employment, Bhardwaj regretted.

Lack of teachers or faculties in any education, be it elementary, secondary or higher, has an adverse impact on the quality of education. But while the deficiency of teachers in primary and secondary education (school level education), doesn’t hit people on money front; the lack of teaching staff at higher education, hits students on money side as well. Hence lack of faculties in higher education is a double blow to students; both study and money wise.

Hence its utmost important those Governments ensure cent percent teaching staff in higher education run by it directly or by private individuals or businesses; which the Government cab easily regulate by Act of law.

In recent years, Uttarakhand has seen the opening of both Government and non-Government (private) Institutions imparting higher and professional education to thousands of students from within and outside the state. Majority of the times these institutions, either don’t have hundred percent faculty or the faculty is not up to the mark (poor quality teachers are recruited on ad hoc basis, or a teacher teaching subjects beyond his/her specialization) -- A situation which hurts both the students and their parents.

If you or your son/daughter is currently a student of some under-graduate or post graduate course/degree at some Private/Government College in Uttarakhand; and find the institution not addressing its “lack of adequate or quality faculties” after repeated demands, then you can air your views in the comments section. In case you don’t want to be air your views publicly, then you can put your response, anonymously, on the Poll/Survey on the Top Right of the website.

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