Saturday 3 September 2011

Har-ki-Pauri Haridwar to have Himalayan Haat modeled on Dilli Haat

Written by Anil Singh

In an effort to boost tourism in Uttarakhand, especially religious tourism, the Uttarakhand Tourism Department will soon set up a Himalayan Haat modeled on the lines of Dilli Haat in Haridwar city. The objective of the Himalayan Haat, spread over 5-6 acres, is to promote the Uttarakhand handicrafts industry and State cuisine; in addition to also give a chance to from different corners of India to showcase their products.

A Centre and State collaborative effort, the Union Government has already allocated a sum of Rs 5.92 crore to the State tourism department for the project.

Under the project, a Himalayan crafts centre and food court would be constructed opposite to the famous Har-ki-Pauri in Haridwar (on the opposite bank, in the 2.5 km vicinity of Har-ki-Pauri), equipped with modern toilets and changing rooms.

At the entrance of Har-ki-Pauri, a main gate at a cost of Rs 58.34 Lakh will be built. The central Government will provide additional Rs four crore for the construction of six parking lots including Dhobi Ghat and Chandi Ghat.

Other measures to be taken at Har-ki-Pauri, apart from the above project, include installation of high-quality speakers so that anyone in the 2.5 km stretch can hear the Ganga aarti ritual, which happens every day at Har-ki-Pauri.


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