Monday, 14 November 2011

Pulses and Coarse Cereals of Uttarakhand hills attract crowds at Kauthig 2011

Written by Anil Singh

When most of the stalls at Akhil Garhwal Sabah's "Kauthig 2011" at Survey stadium, are witnessing thin audience (window shoppers and Real shoppers both); a few stalls remain buzzing with activity.

The said stalls, under the banner of "Beej Bachao Andolan" -- showcasing 'Pahadi Dals' and 'Mota Anaj'(pulses from Uttarakhand Hills) -- are providing useful information on Pahadi dals and coarse cereals as well.

The "Beej Bachao Andolan" is a movement aimed at conserving the traditional Seeds and encouraging the use of  organic seeds in Uttarakhand.

Under the auspices of the Beej Bachao Andolan, Vijay Jaddhari & team from Nagni Tehri Garhwal and Vividhara organisation from Raipur, are showcasing 'coarse cerals' at their respective stall.

The stalls are showcasing hundreds of traditional seeds. Particularly fascinating are more than 200 types of Rajma (Kidney beans), key among them being -- Chitra, Peeli Rajma, Chakarata, Haesil, Kaali, Lal, Sleti, Baigani, Safed Chhemi etc. -- grown at different altitudes

[Do You Know: Higher the altitude more nutritious, bigger in size and delicious is an agricultural produce.]

The stalls are also displaying  about 20 types of Rice, namely -- Kagundi, Thapachini, Dhyasu, kalon, Rikkha, Gorakhpuri, Nagni, Rikhed, gathmaar, Rikhua, bhagwandas etc.

That apart, also on display are six varieties of a common coarse grain, named 'madua or kodo' in Uttarakhand. Other notable cereals and herbs on display are -- 15 varieties of Moong (Lentil), 6 varieties of Koni, Hill ginger, hill turmeric, Bhangjeera (used to make Chatni or appetizer), 6 varieties of Red Chili, 2 varieties of Gahath (a type of kidney bean, found to be effective as a kidney stone remedy).

Air Freshener and insecticide created from Wild marigold (jangali gainda), jakhya, hill cucumber, kali jeeri (used as a medicine for cough), organic vegetables, and wild roots and shoots like jimikand, Geethi (used to treat cough) etc. remained attraction for people as well.

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