Monday 14 November 2011

Hemkund Sahib to get 5th Dham Status

Written by Anil Singh

The leader Opposition in Uttarakhand, Congress MLA Mr. Harak Singh Rawat, yesterday announced that, Hemkunt or Hemkund sahib, a pilgrimage site for Sikhs in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, will get the status of the 5th Dham in Uttarakhand.

Speaking on the convocation on 'History of Sikhs', at Officers' club ONGC; Mr Rawat applauded the contribution of sikhs, right from Guru Nanak Dev to Guru Govind Singh to present day Sikhs, in the field of education, society, politics and country.

Now -- unless granting a Char Dham status to a Shrine provides concessions to thsoe earning their livilihood from the Char Dham Yatra; the announcement made by the leader is unfortunate.

There are reasons for it:

First and foremost is that: Politicians and governments should keep themselves away from religious issues.

If Congress finds the moral force to criticise BJP of saffronisation of politics; then what will Congress's own behaviour of appeasement of Sikhs, Muslims etc. be called.

Second and not less important reason is that: It's people's faith which makes any temple elevate to the level of a revered Shrine. History is testimony of this fact; when people started gathering around a stone; in course of years, the spot became a revered Shrine of the believers.

And irrespective of any tag, believers will keep reaching their revered shrine -- on vehicles or on foot.

Don't interpret the assertion wrongly. If governments develop roads, infrastructure on the routes which people flock in large numbers, then the government is simply doing its duty.

Hence using religion to promote one's political career is not Good.

It's not good for BJP, Congress, SP, BSP, or any one else.

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