Tuesday 3 January 2012

Proud owner of Jim Corbett’s Gun

Written by Anil Singh

The gun of celebrated hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett, became the talk of the town, when, Trilok Singh Negi, its proud owner from the Kaladhungi area of Nainital, had to deposit it with the authorities till the assembly polling process was completed in the state ( people who own arms have to submit their arms after the implementation of the model code of conduct).

Before going to Kenya in 1947, Corbett had gifted his gun to an old friend, Sher Singh Negi. The gun is inherited by the latter’s son, Trilok Singh Negi.

Tourist, keen to learn more about Jim Corbett, often visit the Chhoti Haldwani area, where Corbett had resided. Corbett’s gun also features in their list of must watches. The gun is displayed at the Corbett Museum on the Kaladhungi.

NOTE: Chhoti Haldwani village, in Naitital, has acquired the status of being a heritage site, in December 2010.The heritage map on Chhoti Haldwani has been prepared by a Delhi-based organization named Arch-I Platform.

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