Monday 27 February 2012

Truth is the Ultimate Penance

Written by Anil Singh

Living in a religious city like Rishikesh, can put one's brain to conflict often.

Seeing multitudes of people flocking to Rishikesh, sometimes travelling hundreds of miles, for one simple Goal -- Penance (or Prayashchit meaning feeling sorry from heart for any wrong or immoral deeds); makes one think: Is pilgrimage to Rishikesh or dunking in the waters of Ganges, the ultimate way of Penance?

What about those mortals, who don't subscribe to the tenets of Hinduism? how do they ask the almighty God for Penance?

Bhakti poet from medival India, Kabirdas, seems to have an answer to this question.

According to Kabir Das,

There is NO penance equal to Truth. 
No Sin equal to Lying.
He whose heart is Truthful,
Carries God within it.

Seems quite true. As once a person commits him/her to Truth, the likelihood of him/her doing anything ungodly  starts diminishing.


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