Sunday 25 March 2012

You can offer covers at Jhanda Sahib only after 2091

Written by Anil Singh

If you wish to offer covers (cloth wrappings of 87 ft mast bearing the flag of Guru Ram Rai, at Jhanda mela Dehradun) at Jhanda Sahib, then it will probably be a rather long wait.


As the booking for darshani covers have been made till 2091. Rajinder Saini, a resident of Chandigarh, may get a chance to offer a cover in 2091.

Your chance will come only after that, informs Vishnu Kumar Nautiyal, PRO, Darbar Sahib.

The bookings for “Shaneel” covers have made till 2032 while registration for simple covers have been made till 2013.

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