Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mining Engineering Degree can prove to be Good choice Too

Written by Anil Singh

For any Maths group twelfth (10+2 or intermediate) class student, choosing the right trade for his/her BTech/BE degree is a tough decision.

Equally difficult is for parents to help their kid choose the right trade (stream) for the Engineering degree.

It has been observed that most parents fail to update themselves with the latest developments in job sector; and as a result suggest the child either some “so-called ever green engineering trades like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil” or some “Engineering trades like Computer Science etc. which they believe lands the incumbent the best pay packages”.

For countless such 12th graders and their parents, looking beyond the immediate picture can help.

Mining Engineering Degree can prove to be Good choice Too:

Day before yesterday, I stumbled upon an article in an Australian newspaper which said nearly half of all jobs created during the previous quarter were in the Mining Sector.

In Times of India, I read another article which said Firms such as Rio Tinto and BHP as well as companies in countries like Indonesia, Australia and South Africa are luring India's best mining engineers with fancy packages and perks, creating a scarcity of talent here.

Changing Mindsets Regarding Mining Job:

In the past, mining job was associated was poor working conditions, sweat, dust, noise etc.
With the advent of job hunters from foreign Mining companies in India, many fold improvement in mining technology, and job specialization, mining sector can’t be compared with the past.

Head hunters are tapping fresh graduates directly from institutes, and engineers with 5-15 years experience from mining companies, luring them with fat packages and perks such as company-funded weekends in cities where their families live. Indian companies that pay less than a third of what foreign firms pay and post engineers in rough, remote areas, are facing tough competition for talent, industry officials say.

As said many new mining jobs are opening not only in Indonesia, Australia, but also in the continent of Africa and places like Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso. These jobs are for professionals - senior to mid-level - from the mining industry. In future, the demand for fresh engineering graduates will increase as well.

Overseas jobs offer prestigious assignments and exposure to better international practices along with opportunities to save a good amount of money. Savings potential is an attractive proposition in addition to the international experience which attracts professionals from India and other countries in the region. Significant increase in Safety, employer credibility and the practices are factors which are making mining sector attractive to job seekers.

To understand the changing sentiment wrt Mining Jobs, one should look at the example of Mining giant Coal India (a Nav Ratna Company and probably the top company in India based on Market cap). According to Coal India Director, personnel, R Mohan Das, engineering students were shifting to software jobs about three-four years ago. If earlier four students wanted to join CIL, now we get 20 willing students. That is possible because of wage revisions.


Guiding a 17 or 18 year old to a right career is a difficult task for many parents. But updating oneself to latest trends in Job sector can help parents guide their children better.

[NOTE: The Objective of this article is to share with readers some latest trends in Engineering job sector. Before taking any decision, a person should always consult an expert Job Counsellor.]

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