Sunday 6 May 2012

Nothing like knowing first-hand or through self-experience

Written by Harb

Wise say God can only be known through self-experience. I hope one will not be left in any doubt after reading the following article.

And as the title suggests, it is not about God only. It is about many more things we often wish to know about but are not satisfied with explanations.

I will begin it with telling a story.

A certain child asks his mother how he came into this world. "Some huge flying bird threw you down," replied the mother.

The child was not satisfied but unable to raise further questions kept silent.

Years passed. Then one day the child by now quite grown up asked the same question again. "Mother how did I come into this world?"

Mother, though a bit shyly now, showed the grown up child a pair of pigeons about to copulate and hinted that he too came in the same way.

Boy's curiosity was aroused a bit more but still he was unable to connect the dots to make a definitive answer to  his question. Though he forgot the flying-bird story completely.

More years passed. The boy has now grown up to be a well-built young man.

Recalling that his mother felt a bit shy the last time he asked her this question of his coming into this world, he now went to his father and asked the same question.

The father a bit dismayed that the young man was yet quite innocent of the ways of the world and had not learnt his lessons by looking at nature, retorted a bit angrily, "Go and get a wife, you will know how you came into this world."

The young man finally married and then as they say, the rest was history as to the learning of how he came into this world. For, he had caused within the very next few years coming into this world quite a 'scooter-full' of kids.

So the moral of the story. Nothing like learning first-hand provided you have come of age. Which in other words and specially about knowing about God through self-experience would mean provided you have become ripe enough for the purpose in terms of your evolution.

And this is not for some chosen few. The only criteria is that you have come on the due rung of human's evolutionary ladder which is further part of universal evolutionary ladder.

It is an other matter that the God you may experience may not fit into any mould or explanation or description you have previously learnt. Which is in fact why those who have really had the experience often go silent like Buddha or Lao Tzu on describing God.

Apropos the above story I may also add that the experience of God in fact is also the experience of the 'union' of the female and male principles at a very deeper level*.

And likewise, like the first night or first few nights or even years of the married couple, the experience may give the experiencer some time of ecstasy but later it is a tough, life-time proposition to assimilate it fully in one's system till one is alive. So that the one who supports ecstasy or even wide guffaw on one's face (like most present Babas) is not necessarily nearest to God.

*Where in a way the opposite principle to one comes into one's own self in the form of one's deeper thoughts or imaginations.


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