Friday 4 May 2012

Nursing Courses can pave the way for a great career

Written by Anil Singh

The youth in Uttarakhand looks up to every Government job recruitment. And that is not that bad, keeping in view low and ill paying employment opportunities offering by the private sector in the state.

It's here important to underline that -- Courtesy, insignificantly low number of vacancies in the Government sector; most of these Govt job aspirants have to face disappointment, every time an examination result is announced.

That said, there are a few sectors where competition is not that steep yet. Plus the future looks bright as well.

One such sector is the Nursing Industry.

Many cities of India including Kolkatta, are facing acute shortage of qualified nurses. A scenario which is compelling many hospitals in the city; source qualified nurses from Kerala -- A state which has numerous Nursing Training Colleges.

The demand for nursing personnel in India and abroad is fueled by a number of factors. Noteworthy among these factors are 1) Better career prospects, job security and low work pressure at a government hospital,  was an attraction. and 2) Lack of trained nursing personnel compared to the population of the country.

The future for this sector looks bright for the following reasons:

1) In both big and small cities, increasing number of couples are adopting nuclear family Lifestyle. Because of this 'living-in-an-apartment-in-a-city' lifestyle, many such couples are not in a position to look after their aging parents, who may be living in the same city or in some other city or village.  The practical difficulties of a modern day living (and apathy in some cases) makes such families helpless, when it comes to taking in-person care of the parents. But since this fast growing and fast prospering population in the country, has always the option to substitute personal care with Money. Hence, hiring a nursing personnel to look after the parents, whenever the need be, is always an attractive option.

2) When we were children, no school hired a doctor and a nurse. But now many schools are doing this. This is another area, where Nursing personnel will have demand in near future.

3) When you see the qualified nursing industry in India from the point of view that 40 percent of indian population will be living in cities in the next few decades; and most of teh developed countires in the world have an aging population (people with age 60 and above are increasing); nursing appears to be the right career.

Hence if you have plans to opt for ANM, GNM or Diploma or degree in nursing; go ahead with it. And do the course seriously and diligently.

If you love helping those in distress, Nursing the right career.

NOTE: Don't take a career, only because someone says it has great career prospects. If you don't love it, look to go for those careers which you are passionate about.

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