Friday 4 May 2012

Syllabus - UKPSC Lower Subordinate Services Examination 2010 Mains

Written by Anil Singh

You may be already aware that there’ll be no subject papers (Optionals) in the Main Examination of UKPSC Lower Subordinate Services Examination 2010.

Hence the Mains will have two papers : General Studies Paper and Hindi Essay Paper:

The paper on the General Studies normally include Questions on the following topics :

1. General Science.
2. Current Events of National and International Importance.
3. History of India.
4. Indian National Movement.
5. Indian Polity and Economy.
6. World Geography and Population. Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of science, including matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline. In History of India, emphasis should be on broad understanding of economic, social, cultural and political aspects of Indian History. In Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have as synoptic view of the nature and character of the Indian freedom movement, growth and nationalism and attainment of independence. In Indian Polity and Economy, questions will test knowledge of the candidates pertaining to Indian Polity including the Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj and Community Development, broad features of Indian Economy and Planning. In World Geography and Population, only general understanding of the subject will be expected with emphasis on physical/ ecological, economic and socio-demographic aspects of Geography of India.

Candidates are expected to have general awareness about the above topics with special references to Uttarakhand.

The standard of knowledge required of candidates in General Studies, is simply the one which any Aware citizen of India should have.

In the essay paper -- the clarity and understanding of a topic, depth of knowledge and correctness of language used, is checked.

NOTE: The syllabus we have given here is not the one endorsed by UKPSC. This is our attempt to help our readers prepare well; until UKPSC comes up with a syllabus. A candidate preparing for the Main Examination, is advised to depend on the syllabus provided by the UKPSC. In its absence, they can prepare for the exam on the basis of the syllabus given here.

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