Wednesday 2 May 2012

Uttarakhand BJP wants Governor designate Qureshi to Apologise | Another attempt at Rabble Rousing

Written by Anil Singh

The Opposition in Uttarakhand Assembly, the BJP, has demanded an apology from Governor-designate Aziz Qureshi for his statement on ‘Nehru-Gandhi family' loyalty.

 Those who are still uninitiated on this matter, here's a snippet:

A senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Minister, Mr. Qureshi, who is to take the oath as Uttarakhand's Governor; drew flak after he said his continued loyalty to the Gandhi family had helped him get the job.

Responding to the opposition demand, Uttarakhand Minister and Congress chief Yashpal Arya, however, described the statement as an off-the-cuff remark by a simple senior statesman. Adding that “I am sure Mr. Qureshi will prove a very judicious Governor,” Mr. Arya said urging the Opposition not to smell a rat everywhere.

But State BJP chief Bishen Singh Chufal kept insisting on that, Mr. Qureshi should first apologize to the nation for having lowered the dignity of the Governor's office by saying that he had got the job as a reward for his loyalty to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and his longstanding service to the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Other political parties BSP, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (Panwar) also criticised the Governor incumbent's statement.


 The statement is indeed an immature act, and any person sitting on the chair of Governor; should not be uttering such statements. But how logical it is to waste Assembly's valuable time on a statement made by a person; When there are more important issues waiting to be discussed in the Assembly. 

Amidst more pressing issues like delays taking place in BTC  recruitment, job creation etc. ; demanding an apology from Qureshi and stalling the proceedings of the House, will at best be called another attempt at rabble rousing (baat ka batangad banana). 

 Ideally speaking, this should at best be left as indiscretion on the part of the Governor designate. After all, who doesn't know a Governor is an agent of Central Government; and people close to the political party at centre do get Governorships. And Congress rule is not an exception, when BJP ruled at centre, the Governors were appointed on same considerations. 

 That apart, if the opposition BJP shows some patience now; then it will be in a better position to judge the conduct of the new Governor; once he assumes the charge and dispenses Constitutional Questions. 

Taking the assertion further: I think demanding an apology from BJP's Sushma Swaraj for her statement regarding the stature of Hamid Ansari (may be a Presidential candidate)is futile as well. As the onus of speaking with discretion always lies on the Speaker. 

If the country has to teach Swarajs and Qureshis on 'how to speak' and 'what to speak'; then only God can save us.


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