Wednesday 11 July 2012

3 Things Hotel Management Institutes will not tell you at time of Admission

Written by Anil Singh

This is admission season and among the aspirants are many 10+2 students. Call it age or lack of guidance, these "just pass out of 12th students" are running astray-- totally confused what to career direction to choose.

Amidst such confusion, many students are opting for Hotel Management, without much thought. They and their parents are not solely to blame, as the Hotel Management Institutes keep certain points secret or unsaid

Below are 3 Things Hotel Management Institutes will not tell you at time of Admission:

1) Communication Skills matter a lot in Hotel Industry. Hence if you have stammering problem (in Hindi 'haklana') or other speech impediments; then HM is not for you.

2) Beauty and personality does matter. If someone says, your looks don't matter in HM, don't believe him/her. Hotel industry is a High Touch industry, and the first criteria for job, are the Looks.

3) Pleasing Personality is misnomer, that is, it is hard to define. So unless you are committed enough to work on smoothing your rough personality traits, Hotel Management is not for you.

Hope you don't fin the write-up to negative. Blogging means telling the reality sometimes.

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