Friday 29 September 2017

7th Pay Commission is NOT EATING Jobs in Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

Amar Ujala's yesterday's edition published a very biased opinion cum report. If the title and the matter of the said piece is summarized then it said: The decision to give 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale to the employees of 7 Uttarakhand State Undertakings will eat Thousands of New Jobs in the State.

In simple words, the report, opinion or whatever you want to call it, tried to portray a picture where the blame for the Government's inability to create new jobs is put on the Implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

This is a very biased view.

The enforcement of 7th pay commission and the creation of new jobs are two different things.You cannot say one ate the other.

A pay commission, which simply means increase in salary and other perks, in order to bring a balance between the cost of living and the wages, is a method used to bring a balance between over all price rise and living cost.

On contrary, New jobs are created in the economy because every service or product manufacturer/provider (The Government being one) needs to increase the manpower to meet increasing demand.

You cannot say new jobs will NOT be created because of pay increase, or vice-versa.

To conclude, it's often seen that the Pay increase of the Government and other public sector employees is thought as unnecessary. This view is wrong.

Irrespective of whether we work in the Government or Private sector, we must encourage the implementation of such Pay Commission recommendations. The reason is simple -- The Government in its role as an ideal employer pays the ideal wages to its employees. By looking at the Pay Commission recommendations even a person employed in Private sector can know what his/her ideal wage must be. In the absence of Pay Commission recommendations, a person employed in private sector can never know what his/her ideal remuneration should be. 


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