Wednesday 27 February 2013

And she cut the Hands and Ears of Her Mother!

Written by Anil Singh

When we were young, we heard the story of a boy, who started stealing things as a child and ended up as a hard core criminal, waiting for his turn of Execution (means "act of putting to death"). When asked about his Death wish, the man requested the jailer to allow him to meet his mother. The jailer agreed. When the Man's mother came to his jail Cell; he took out a knife and cut the Hands, Ears and Tongue of the mother. He then poked her eyes. After the Act, he asked his mother: "Why You never Stopped me when I started stealing petty things as a child".

The moral of the story was: If anyone is to be blamed for the Man's Criminal Acts; it's his mother's apathy or approval to his petty wrong acts as a child.

We were often told this story in our growing up years, as in India, people normally connect money and physical harm to others, to the definition of Sin and immorality. And all the childhood stories we are told, reflect this sentiment. 

Some of you will be offended, but India has dearth (Lack) of stories which teach lessons about morals equally important.

One such moral is: It's wrong to discriminate with one's Daughter. Or it's wrong to give Special Treatment to the Son.

Yes, We were never told stories about: 

1) Equality of Gender

2) Sin of Female Foeticide (killing an unborn daughter or when the daughter is in mother's womb)

3) Why it's important to Respect our Sisters as human beings ( NOTE: Awarding God Status to Women doesn't mean respect. As a matter of fact, it means the society's unwillingness to accept a woman, UNLESS she acts and behaves like a God. Respect means respecting any woman, irrespective of how she dresses or what profession she is in.)

4) We are never told stories that a woman can be a Girlfriend, a lover (just as Male Krishna was) or anything else. In fact, we are programmed to see a woman we respect, as our Mother or Sister. 

A New Story:

Year 2020 AD:

A Woman in her 20s, is waiting for her turn of Execution (means "act of putting to death"). Her crime was, she committed Female foeticide. When asked about her Death wish, the woman requests the jailer to allow her to meet his mother. The jailer agrees. When the woman's mother comes to her jail Cell; she takes out a knife and cuts the Hands, Ears and Tongue of the mother. She then pokes her eyes. And she kills her. After the Act, she utters these words: "I know you killed my unborn elder sister. I know you never gave me Milk; the way you did to my brother".

Moral of The Story: How a woman behaves and acts as an adult; is a reflection of How she was treated by her mother (most of the times).

Conclusion: If a mother makes her Son a Thief Or a Statesman; the same mother does the same for her daughter. No disrespect to mothers.

That apart, if you think carefully; what stops a woman from using in discretion before committing Female Foeticide. It's her mindset. A mindset, which her mother inculcated in her, when she denied her "that glass of milk in her childhood, telling that her brother needs nourishment, more than her". Else every woman bears the child in her own body; making a decision to give life to the unborn daughter is not that difficult.


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