Tuesday 26 February 2013

Too much Stimulation prevents you from getting a Good Sleep?

Written by Anil Singh

A nation-wide survey in USA, reveals that Too much food, drink, and stimulation keep 70 million Americans from getting good rest.

This may apply to you as well, if you live an American lifestyle.

Below are the key reasons why Americans are not getting a good night's sleep:

1) Over-caffeinated: Americans are found to be over caffeinated (coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, snacks)

2) Overmedicated: Americans are found to be over-medicated (prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including alcohol).

3) Over-wired: Americans are found to be over-wired (video games, Web browsing, social media, texting).

4) Over-stressed: Americans are found to be overstressed (money, work, relationships, overloaded schedules).

The above four reasons, individually and collectively are negatively affecting the sleeping patterns of Americans and making them too restless to doze off when they should.

The survey results and the factors responsible can be seen as responsible for one other problems America is facing : Obesity. Over stimulation, in a variety of ways has affected the biological clocks, which also results in obesity.

Interesting Fact: The number of accredited sleep centers has risen in US by 630 percent in 15 years.

Inability to get a Good night’s sleep, is a matter of concern:

According to experts, inability to get a good night’s sleep is not a thing to be neglected. The effects of insufficient sleep are hardly as benign as many of us might think. Any degree of sleep deprivation impairs the performance in humans: be it driving, paying attention in the classroom, or workplace. Hence, a person should ensure an adequate sound sleep every 24 hours.

Generally, most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night; but the amount one needs is genetically determined. Some people might need four hours on the short end, up to 10 on the high end. We have absolutely no control over this.

As a rule of thumb, to know whether you are sleep deprived or not, pay attention to this fact: Anyone who uses an alarm clock "is by definition sleep-deprived". This is because, if the brain had received the amount of sleep it wanted, you would have woken up before the alarm went off.


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