Tuesday 10 July 2012

Kendriya Vidyalayas New Uniforms implemented from 2012-13 Academic Session Revealed

Written by Anil Singh

Kendriya Vidyalayas New Uniforms implemented from 2012-13 Academic Session Revealed. Below is it:

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Times of India says that the uniform set will cost Rs 2500. Another daily speculates that its price will be around Rs 3000-3500. The numbers are at best speculative. After all, How many parents will be able to buy a Rs 2500 uniform? 

The quality of material is an important price differentiator. Just like any other commodity, the new KV uniform will also come at prices affordable to every section of the society. So parents need not worry too much on the price of the uniform.

Instead, lets focus on the design and colour scheme of the new uniforms:

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1) Check design for shirts is giving an elite public school to the uniform.

2) Check design will also make the shirt look less dirty. Plus the careless marks of ball point pen will merge with the pattern.

3) The red border on sleeves, red collars and red button placate may look too colourful to some, but it has utility. It not only gives strength to the shirt, but also make the areas look less dirty. Great of mothers who are  tired of washing the uniform shirt everyday.

4) The red button placate on shirts gives an illusion of a neck tie. This ensures a smart kid, even without a tie.

5) The liberal use of check fabric also means that the uniform can be worn, even without ironing.

6) The skirts for girls have been given an A line shape. This will keep the skirt close to the body, even while running or playing.

7) Trousers have replaced the traditional salwars for girls 9th class onwards. This is not only comfortable, but also easier to maintain. Now trousers can  be worn all through the week.

The new KV uniform is desinged by NIFT, and it shows in the outcome.


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