Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sikhs demand apology from Ramdev for remark against PM

Written by Anil Singh

If you are a regular TV viewer, then you will be aware that, a week ago, Baba Ramdev asked PM Manmohan Singh to resign the prime Ministership and do "Guru Nanak Dev ji's' paath".

General secretary of the Sarv Pradesh Gurdwara Management Committee (SPGMC) Inderjeet Singh Chug in Haridwar, has not taken Baba's remark lightly and has demanded apology from yoga guru.

Claiming to be speaking on behalf of Sikhs in the country and elsewhere; Mr. Singh said that the Yoga guru Ramdev's recent remarks against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community, and hence has demanded apology from him(Baba Ramdev).

Don't worry Baba Ramdev will Happily agree to the SPGMC Demand:

There's a common saying "One who doesn't know what to and what not to speak; can be made to speak anything". Apology is no different. Hence Baba Ramdev will tender an apology to Sikh Community, at the word GO.

We should not be afraid of Ramdevs:

Any citizen of India shouldn't be afraid of people like Ramdev. They are present in every society. What one should fear of, is that "Why a religious body like SPGMC, has to demand an apology, and why not a group of ordinary citizens, like you and I, are hurt by Ramdev's rhetoric".

What we should see here: Is Baba undermining the importance of experts, Specialised Institutions and Specialised Education.

The PM of the country may be or may not be functioning as well; as he should; but still he has specialist knowledge in Economics.  In comparison, Baba Ramdev, may have or may not have in mind, the biggest welfare of people of India; but his education doesn't make him fit to comment on the competence of a specialist.

This is akin to a situation, where Mr. Manmohan Singh is not competent to comment on Yoga; unless he has studied Yoga as much as Baba Ramdev did.

What is Anarchy:

Anarchy or "Arajakta" is the thing, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare are promoting at present. Their movements are undermining the importance of experts in the country.

At present, they are undermining the expertise of legislatures and their ability to frame good laws for the country; next, they will call every doctor, engineer, technician, banker etc. a crook.


As,  in an anarchist's world, Only he is correct (irrespective of his education and expertise) and everyone else is wrong. In addition, an anarchist firmly believes that people do things collectively, and Leaders and Experts are non-entities.

If things go that way, then one should be ready to face the consequence. And the consequence is: No matter how educated you are, OR no matter what important position you hold, any person is fit enough to grab your collar.

And such a situation is least wanted.


Intelligent people (like Ramdev) many a times want to change everything and create an utopian world. But in their enthusiasm; they forget that, to accomplish anything to perfection, one needs an expert. Mere good intentions, can't make a person treat a patient, if he's not a doctor.

People such as Baba Ramdev, for their vested interests, give a misplaced Hope to the people. This misplaced hope, only develops discontentment in people.

Human societies need Leaders, Experts, workers and common folk. You can't make everyone Common.

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