Saturday 8 September 2012

Asha Bonsle turns 79 Today

Written by Anil Singh

Bollywood's playback queen Asha Bhosle today turned 79. It's hard to imagine that she is still singing (Raj Thakery recently waged his goon-war against her for singing with Pakistani singers).

No doubt, the lady has voice of a nightingale.

That said; both Mangeshkar Sisters, Lata and Asha, have thousands of songs in various languages to their credit. But who has sung more number of songs? Actually, the number of Songs sung by Asha Bhosle are more than that by Lata. But there's still ambiguity.

Equal ambiguity is on the number of songs sung by Mohammad Rafi.

Rajiv Vijaykar's The History of Indian Film Music, delves into this and much more.

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