Friday 28 September 2012

Bhojan Matayein in Uttarakhand: Please have Empathy for them

Written by Anil Singh

Bhojan Matayein in Uttarakhand: Please have Empathy for them

When we call someone 'Mother', we must have empathy for her. But do we have? This is a Big Question.

Uner the Union Government's Mid-Day meal Scheme, Bhojan Matayeins are the women who prepare mid-day meal for the Kids. Currently, the guidelines say that for every 25 students there will be one Bhojan Mata. From 26-100, two Bhojan Matayeins must be employed.

For this effort, a Bhojan Mata, gets Rs 1500 a month (Remember, cooking for that many people can be real hard work).

In its recent GO, the Uttarakhand Government has made changes to the Central Government's GO. In its August 14 GO, the Uttarakhand Government has stated that 2 Bhojan Mataeins will be employed, only when mid-day meal is prepared for 51-100 students. This, from now onward a Bhojan Mata in Uttarakhand will have to prepare food for 49 students every day.

This is not Empathy. This is exploitation. A clear example of how Government Officials twist GOs.

Bhojan Matayeins are needy women; they are doing the job, as they have to feed their own kids. And Rs 1500 a month is nothing.

Teachers, Bank employees and nearly anyone can press Government for wage hikes. Lets speak for Bhojan Matayeins, they need your support.

As far as Government record is concerned, the Govt of no political party, be it Congress or BJP, is willing to listen to these Mothers.


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