Tuesday 25 September 2012

Taking Insulin to Control Diabetes is Not that Bad

Written by Anil Singh

Taking Insulin to Control Diabetes is Not that Bad...In Fact it can be Good for Health Or more specifically for preserving Health.

It has been observed that people with Diabetes are wary of taking daily insulin. Even when the doctor advises so.

The key reason for this reluctance to take insulin (a hormone secreted by Beta cells of Pancreas, which regulates the level of sugar in Blood. When Pancreas fails to secrete insulin, then it needs to be administered artificially) is the belief that Insulin shortens the Life span.

Courtesy this misconception, many diabetics keep ignoring their diabetes even when they have high sugar levels OR at best try to regulate their diabetes with food abstinence. As a consequence, their body reels under high glucose levels and the vital body organs and tissues start getting affected.

Diabetes is a degenerative disease,  the high levels of sugar in blood, degenerates organs and tissues. If the sugar levels in blood remain high for long time spans; body is bound to get negatively affected.

Contrary to perception, what ensures a good healthy life span for diabetics is keeping the blood sugar level to normal. And administering daily insulin Helps.

It's true that taking insulin is a big decision for any diabetic but on the advice of a doctor, a diabetic can chalk out a good Insulin Plan for himself or herself. For instance, if a person has crossed 50 years of age without insulin, then he can logically take insulin (if the doctor so advises) ; keep his blood sugar levels to normal, and add healthy 25 years to his Life.

He/she should also exercise regularly. The regular walk is an excellent exercise.

[DISCLAIMER: This is not a Doctor's Advice. The write-up is for information purposes only. Consult your Doctor before Acting.]

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