Monday 17 September 2012

UOU MEd Admissions 2012-13 | Things You should Know

Written by Anil Singh

As per the directions from Uttarakhand government, the Admission List of Uttarakhand Open University MEd Programme, will be prepared on the basis of Merit.

The Merit List will be created on the basis of the percentage of marks secured in BEd/Equivalent Programme and the duration of Teaching Experience. The weightage is given below:

A) 100 percentage weightage will be given to Theoretical marks in BEd/Equivalent Exam

B) 50 percentage weightage will be given to Practical marks in BEd/Equivalent Exam

C) It's mandatory to have a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience after/post BEd/Equivalent Exam. In case this teaching experience is more than 2 years, then the experience will be calculated this way:

Teaching experience MINUS 2 years DIVIDED BY 12.

For example is a person has 14 years experience, then the calculation will be:

(14-2)/12 = 1 Year

Hence the Total Experience for this person will be 2+1 = 3 Years

A maximum of 10 marks will be awarded for Education Experience.

NOTE: In a situation, where two or more candidates have same Merit marks; then the priority will be decided on the basis of the marks secured by the candidate in th Post Graduate Examination.

NOTE: Those candidates who have applied on the basis of previous notification; NEED NOT TO APPLY AGAIN. The Application fee has been re-decided to Rs. 500/-, to be submitted via Bank Challan. The last date of submitting duly filled applications is October 15, 2012.

NOTE: Those candidates who have already deposited Rs. 1500 fee; will get back Rs. 1000 in two ways.

1) If they are found eligible for admission, then Rs.. 1000 will be adjusted in their MEd Programme Fee
2) In case they don't make it to the admission List then, they will be refunded Rs. 1000.


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