Monday 10 September 2012

You Pay Taxes!... Not a Big Deal

Written by Anil Singh

You Pay Taxes!... Not a Big Deal

You would also have noticed that, it has become fashionable to use "Tax payers' Money", especially by well educated and well employed Indians. A big section of educated and lucratively employed Indians, habitually uses this phrase, whenever it has to criticize the governance in India and contributing politicians.

I think stressing too much on the fact that you pay taxes to the Government is not needed. In simple...You Pay Taxes!... Not a Big Deal.

The country has provided facilities to crores of Indians to become well educated and genuinely employed ( if not lucratively).

If not for the Government. Then most Indians wouldn't have the means to get Engineering, Medical and Management Degrees. Not even from lower rung colleges, take aside IITs, RMCs, IIMs.

To put things to perspective, the government pays 80-90 percent subsidy in Engineering, Medical and Management education. So if a person does engineering in Rs 1 Lakh, Government pays Rs 8-9 lakhs on his behalf.

In short, every course the Government runs in Educational sector is highly subsidised.

For who? ----- For those, who keep shouting "Tax Payer's Money".

On the flip side, see what these always cribbing people give country in return.

You may be aware that the Uttarakhand state has acute shortage of Doctors. In its effort to overcome this problem, the Uttarakhand Government released notification for Doctor recruitment for Uttarakhand Hills. Of 583 posts, only 153 applied and 67 took job.

Interestingly, majority of the doctors in Uttarakhand and India may have studied in Government medical colleges at highly subsidised fee. But see, when it came to fulfil duty to the nation; they back tracked.

The problem of India is not its politicians, as team Anna Member and now popular cartoonist Aseem Trivedi wants the country to believe. It's us, who have stopped asking to ourselves: 'What we have done for our country?'.

As a self check, whenever we complain the Government of "imposing a small Education Cess" or shout at a "rate hike on our Home Loan"; we should calm ourselves, by saying this:

When I was studying in a Government college; a faceless Indian, living in some slum, was pulling cycle Rickshaw in the peak of Sun. He may not be paying taxes, but he along with taxpayers gave the Government the money to subsidize education for me.

And surprisingly, this Rickshaw puller's children don't go to school. So has he sent I and you to school and then to College?

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