Saturday 13 October 2012

CBI probe into disappearance of Ramdev's guru! Do you smell vendetta?

Written by Anil Singh

Anyone probably can.

The sequence of things point to that.

But before going further a quick look at the case and the latest development:

Ramdev's spiritual guide and mentor (and his guardian, who brought him up like a father) - Swami Shankar Dev has been missing since 2007. He was last seen in July 2007. The Haridwar police investigated the matter and even tried to Ramdev's link in the seer's disappearance. Finally in 2010, the police enclosed its final report to the case file (closed the case), citing insufficiency of adequate proofs.
Now two years later, in 2012, the Congress Government in Uttarakhand has recommended a CBI inquiry into the case of Baba Ramdev's guru disappearing. What is interesting is that now the police has unearthed a letter in his room in the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust, in which Swami Shankar Dev apologized to his colleagues for not being able to return the money he had borrowed from them. He added that he was not keeping well and hence was unhappy and had decided to leave.

The latest developments in this case can easily be smelled of revenge OR Vendetta.

The reasons are: Why Congress acted friendly with Swami Ramdev since 2007 and started acting revengeful only when he became anti-Congress?

Congress needs to answer this question. Only safe passage for the Congress at present, is to put the reasoning that, they were not in power in Uttarakhand since 2008. But, CBI is in Centre's control, can't they institute a CBI inquiry then?


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