Friday 12 October 2012

LPG Dealers' Locking Policy is WRONG

Written by Anil Singh

LPG Dealers in Uttarakhand are pursuing a wrong policy regarding Duplicate Connections.

The policy appears wrong, as it doesn't take into account the logic there-in. If the logic is applied calmly, then the definition of Duplicate connections will change.

And the Logic is:

1) A father and an unmarried adult son (college going, OR job searching) may be living under the same roof; and that doesn't mean they can't have individual gas connections in their names:

Marriage is always not the reason for applying for a new LPG connection. Parents book a new gas connection, when they anticipate that their young son or daughter may have to move to a new place for job.

Since getting a new gas connection at a new place is difficult, they in advance, book a new gas connection in the child's name.

2) Marriage is also a reason: People book a new gas connection months and sometimes years ahead of a marriage. The reasoning here is: They want to save the young couple from any difficulty; if they happen to move to a new address.

In a situation, where such a newly wed couple, chooses to live in the same house; then the address on two connections is bound to be the same.

Ideal Locking Policy:

The LPG dealers in Uttarakhand are needlessly embarking on a flawed policy. When all they should do is: TAKE STEPS AGAINST THE COMMERCIAL USE OF DOMESTIC LPG CYLINDERS.

Whether a residence address has 1 or 6 gas connections, doesn't matter. After all, the factor which decides the consumption of LPG in a house, depends only on the 'number of family members'. In short, a family of 4 members will not use 4 gas cylinders a month, even if they have the resources to do so.

What the dealers should do instead is: STOP PEOPLE FROM USING DOMESTIC GAS CYLINDERS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES -- like using them in a commercial place (shop, restaurant etc.), in place of CNG in cars and public functions (like marriages).

But both the Government and the LPG dealers are reluctant to do this, for very obvious reasons (votes for Government and black marketing for LPG Dealers).

But still, if the Government and the dealers are sincere to have an effective solution to LPG crisis, they should: STOP PEOPLE FROM USING DOMESTIC GAS CYLINDERS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

If they manage to do so; then people themselves will surrender any gas connections they don't use. After all, a family of 4 can't use 4 cylinders at home, even if it wants to.


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