Sunday 21 October 2012

Uttarakhand Women Love Gold...which women doesn't

Written by Anil Singh

Indians do love Gold. Annually, Indians buy an estimated USD 15 billion worth gold bars and coins or roughly 270 tonnes. Gold coins form around at least 50-60 per cent of the total gold demand.

That Said, Uttarakhand people love gold even more. Gold in Uttarakhand is a cultural thing. If an Uttarakhand woman notices the other woman wearing silver ornaments; she instantly makes a judgment -- The family of the said woman is experiencing some money problems (in today's time, when Chain snatching incidents are on an increase, this assumption is not always correct. That apart, when women today match their jewelry with their outfits, then they will go for silver ear rings with a white dress).

But, the place of Gold is so entrenched in Uttarakhand's culture that Uttarakhand women are big Gold hoarders. It's an altogether different thing that, Gold they buy on the pretext of investment, is can never be parted from them, willingly, happily :).


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