Friday 16 November 2012

A Change in UttarakhandPortal Comment Policy

Written by Anil Singh

To All Esteemed UttarakhandPortal Members:

From Today we have launched Strict Comment Policy.

This means:

You will not be able to Post Anonymous Comments from Now onward. But You can post your valuable, intelligent Comments via any open ID or google ID.

Why the Change:

We noticed that many of you are commenting Anonymously. Which is sad, as your Brilliant and often insightful comments should have your name (why prevent fellow readers from knowing, who makes such valuable comments).

We Follow Strict Comment Policy:

This means, you can air your views in a civilized manner. Difference of Opinion is not a problem Here. You can air, strongest of views.

We practice Strict moderation. This means abusive comments, uncivilized comments will be filtered. This is to encourage serious commentors and enrich the Platform.

Thanks Admin

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