Tuesday 11 December 2012

Shiksa Mitras not treated well

Written by Anil Singh

Government is the ideal recruiter. This means that, while making recruitments, the government sets an example for other recruiters, like the ones in private sector. But the way consecutive governments in Uttarakhand have treated 'shiksa mitras' doesn't reflect good on the government's ideal recruiter tag.

It all started with the BJP government in Uttarakhand. The said government recruited educated young men and women as 'shiksa Mitras'. These were paid an honorarium ( in Hindi, maandey).

Now recruiting teachers on honorarium is not a good thing to begin with. When government recruits other teachers with regular status on proper salary ; why does it want shiksa Mitras to content with honorium.

The demand of shiksa Mitras for regularisation or for increased honorarium is not wrong. After all, no young man or woman, with plans like marriage, children, old parents etc. can live on an honorarium.

It's sad that, governments, be it of BJP or Congress are treating young people of Uttarakhand this way. The consecutive governments are actually demoralising these young people and in a way telling them -- not to make plans for their future ( marriage, kids, house, vehicle etc.).

And this is not possible for any young person.

What is the right thing to do now:

Recruit these shiksa Mitras as regular teachers. Conduct an exam and recruit from these people. If they can teach as shiksa Mitras, they can teach as regular teachers in proper pay band as well.

And, in future, no government should recruit young people this way. Instead, If jobs are not there,tell the people honestly, there are no jobs. That way, young people will try to get employment in other sectors.

After all, politics can't create jobs-- only demand and supply does. Most of the times, communicating the same to the masses, helps.

PS: Yesterday's' Lathicharge (caning) on Shiksha Mitras, once again proves that the Government neither has jobs nor money to increase the honorarium. If the government doesn't take lesson from such incidents, youth can. Particularly those, who are doing BEd, only because a friend has taken admission or is doing BEd. Such young people, should broaden their job Option horizon.


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