Wednesday 9 January 2013

Bodies of Handicapped Sisters buried without Post-mortem

Written by Anil Singh

In Haridwar, Two physically handicapped sisters, got burnt alive Monday night; when the candles they lit before going to bed, made their beds catch fire. The Girls were the eldest in the family of two sons and three daughters. The family now has two sons and one daughter surviving. One of the sons is also Physically handicapped.

According to reports, the family requested the District magistrate of Haridwar to allow it to bury the girls (the family belongs to Muslim religion) without the mandatory post-mortem. The request, the DM acceded.

Now the Question is: Why the district Magistrate accede to such a request?

What if the two Girls were poisoned or drugged before, by their family members?

Note that, the family knew about the mishap only Tuesday morning.

If you add to this the fact that there's a distinct anti-women bias in Indian Society. And where women are handicapped, they can be double liability. When looked from this perspective; the worst can be imagined.

Post-Mortem is an essential tool in the hands of investigation, as it gives the dead the opportunity to get a fair chance of justice. Excusing the kith and kin from mandatory Post Mortem, is akin to justice denied.

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