Wednesday 16 January 2013

Uttarakhand's upcoming Solid Waste Management (SWM) Policy includes ban on Public Spitting

Written by Anil Singh

Who publicly spits in India? Please think over it.

It's not the Powerful and Well Connected Rich People.

It's the Poor and those Rich people, who may have amassed the wealth, but are not able to climb the Social hierarchy. A Poet once said -- In India Public Spitting is a Ritual. A Ritual wherein -- A Poor and a rich (with no power and social standing) demeans the Powerful (those well connected and powerful; in short, all those who constitute the System).

Rightly so, you will seldom see a powerful OR Rich man (powerful OR rich in the eyes of the public) spit publicly. Public Spitting is a method to make one's presence felt OR to showcase the "Who cares" attitude. Not everyone practices Public spitting in India.

That said, for the above reasons, any ban on on Public Spitting in India will not be effective.

Uttarakhand is up to try it. Yes, Uttarakhand would soon bring a comprehensive solid waste management (SWM) policy and impose a ban on spitting and littering in the state, informed chief secretary of Uttarakhand Alok Kumar Jain. In order to prevent garbage dumping, a solid waste management policy would be drafted. An anti-spitting and anti-littering Bill would also be brought in the vidhan sabha. The dumping garbage was a crime and to prevent it, a waste management policy was being drafted, said Mr. Jain.

On a less philosophical note, If People don't practice public Spitting, that will be great. From Health point of view. The Government should educate small children right from kindergarten to intermediate on this. It's much better than imposing a ban.

PS: The countries which managed to ban public Spitting, to some degree of success, are somewhat authoritarian or iron fisted countries like China and Singapore. As there, people even get caning (in Hindi, Kode ki saja) for the breach; and no one complains.


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