Friday 8 March 2013

"You Respect Women but Over look Female Foeticide?" ...Then You are either Stupid or Dishonest

Written by Anil Singh

On the eve of World Women's Day today,

If You Think "You can Respect Women by Over looking Female Foeticide" ...Then You are either Stupid or Dishonest.

You can call me the same; but it's plain simple fact: No one can respect women, by overlooking the problem of female foeticide in the India.

And I'm not exaggerating the female foeticide in the country. In the last three decades, Indians have silently killed 3 crore girls in mothers' wombs.

And Indians from every status are party to this crime -- Rich, Middle Class and Poor. Although, if we have to choose a clear winner, then the heinous distinction does to: the Indian Middle Class. The middle class which works as doctors, engineers, shops, offices, Army, Education etc.

Education or place of dwelling makes no difference to the killing of the girl child in India. Unborn girl child is silently being killed in villages and in cities.

Many a times, we Indians do public posturing on the issue of female foeticide. We tell the Government and the police to crack on "illegal ultra sound and sex detection of unborn child clinics". To be honest, unless we Indians love our daughters, no amount of policing and laws will save girls in the country. The reason for this is: India is a country where people rule, if people silently give their nod to a practice, how heinous it's, no Government can eradicate it. After all a government is made by representatives, chosen by the people. An excellent example of this is the "Ban on Animal Sacrifice in Hindu Temples". Since people wanted the practice to be banned; it has effectively been banned in many states (including Uttarakhand). Sadly, Girl child in India is not seen as rescue worthy as a goat or Sheep.

The Honorable Supreme Court of India, aware of the silent approval to female foeticide in India; in one of its judgments  a day or two ago, pleaded to Indians Not to Kill their Daughters. Commenting on the alarming issue of female foeticide, the Honorable Apex Court requested Indians not to kill unborn daughters, underlining clearly that the practice needs to be stopped by the citizens themselves; as no amount of policing and laws can effectively eradicate it. The Honorable Court also quoted some Shlokas from ancient Indian scriptures, urging Indians not to have biased views for daughters.

Before concluding, if you want to lower the atrocities on Women, then you can't over look the ill of Female foeticide. Don't wait for Anna hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Some religious leader, BJP or Congress to raise voice against female foeticide. No one will shout for this cause. As they need votes. But you and I can.

As atrocities on Women in any society don't happen as they are luring; but because we don't respect them. As we are not taught to respect women either by society or by our parents.

PS: Many Indians, see no wrong in aborting unborn daughters,  once their first daughter is born. Their plea is: Since they have one daughter, now they should have a son. But this is Sin as well. Why? As : No one aborts the second son, even when the first child is a Son.

Second, many Indians, who are raising two or three daughters and don't have a gender bias; don't see it there responsibility to raise voice against the evil of Female foeticide. This is wrong. As humans are social creatures. If society keeps killing their daughters and the sex ratio becomes unhealthy; even Girls raised and brought up in healthy environment can suffer atrocity as an adult. Hence such Indians are duty bound to Speak Out.

Happy Women's Day!

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