Friday 26 April 2013

Uttarakhand civic body Polls...You can vote on Development criteria...

Written by Anil Singh

We often hear Indians claim that they vote on the question of development. Interestingly, those Indians who vote purely on the ideological grounds(like BJP's Hindutva ideology), make this claim more than any one else. The main reason behind stressing on the question of development, is to hide the real reason. The real reason is -- the Question of ideology (A staunch Hindu's vote must go to the flag bearer of Hindutva, the BJP).

Although, there's nothing wrong in voting on ideological grounds; but it must be remembered that the polls where ideological voting hurts the most are the civic body Polls (or the Panchayat Polls).

Uttarakhand civic body Polls are to take place on Sunday, April 28, 2013. Many of you may be voting in these Polls.

Why Uttarakhand civic body Polls...must have the Development criteria:

As said above, it's alright to vote on ideological grounds. After all, ideology is also something which decides the priorities of an individual. If the rule of Hindutva or or any other ideology is one of the main goals (long-term) of the voter, then he/she can continue to vote on the basis of that ideology (until goal is reached). But if that long term goal negatively affects the immediate development of your street, locality or city; then it's time to re-think on the rationale behind ideological voting.

The question to ask here is -- Does your ideological voting hurt the immediate development of your street, locality, Ward, or city?

This is an important question to ask, before you go to polling booth coming Sunday. For the following reasons:

1) Development Issue is For Civic Body Polls: Development is often used by the politicians and their supporters, to disguise their true intentions and agendas. The false flag of development is waived by politicians and their supporters in every election -- MP, MLA, Civil Body and so on. In MP and MLA elections this false flag doesn't hurt much. The reason is: MPs and MLAs are policy makers. They are essentially not the ones meant to see things implemented on street, ward or city level. In contrast, the representatives elected through Civic Body Polls -- the Mayor, Corporators, Ward members etc. are the ones who actually implement the policies on ground. They are the ones, who are behind the better drainage, waste collection, sanitation, drinking water, water supply in your city.

Hence if there's one election, to be fought and voted on development issue; then it's the Uttarakhand Civic Body Polls -- Many of you are voting in this Sunday.

And voting on the question of development, doesn't mean voting for an independent candidate. Logic says, if you vote for a party which has power at state level and at Centre Level; then the new Civic Body gets more funds from the State and the Central Governments.

2) Ideological Voting is for Policy making level: You have always the choice to vote for a candidate from your favorite party even in Civic Body Polls. But such ideological voting doesn't suit the Civic Body Polls. The reason is --  Ideological voting must be exercised at policy making levels. For instance, voting on ideological grounds in an MP election can be understood. If you want the rule of a particular ideology; then the best way to achieve that is to vote for that ideology candidate in policy level elections. When policy is changed, every thing else falls in place.

But Civic Body Polls are for implementation of the policies; hence vote for a candidate who you think is more works and less talks.

3) Anti-incumbency makes politicians work more honestly for you: 

Anti-Incumbency means a negative sentiment for the sitting representative (or incumbent). For instance, if Party 'A' holds the municipality at present; and polls happen. Then Party 'A' will have a negative sentiment in the minds of the voters. If said in other words, because of anti-incumbency, Party A has less chances to win the elections second time.

Again, Civic Body Polls, are the polls which seem fit for anti-incumbency. 

The reason is: In Civic Body Polls you can actually measure the development work done by your civic body in the last five years. And since, development is something which can never be perfected; hence you always have the option to elect new people to the Civic bodies. This way, you actually push your Civic Body representatives to work more honestly for you. In the process, you make newer and higher development benchmarks for your representatives.

Conclusion: In Civic Body Polls, you must vote on the candidate's merit. Thus you can vote for even an independent or relatively new candidate.

Municipality in our city and Municipal Corporations in Dehradun, Haridwar and Nainital are not for contesting ideological wars. They are for the development of the city, town you live in. If you are a young man or woman, toiling day in and day out to succeed in some entrance test, job competition; then clean stench free streets and locality, transport, safety, power supply can help you a lot. So why not vote on the question of development.

To conclude, I can't say for sure that this long write-up will change the mind of a 50 year old voter. The reason is: A 50 year old person may have become too rigid, to bend to some rational thinking. But, I can say with some degree of surety for some 20 or 30 year old out there, that he/she will stop and think about this write-up. I see these young people, much open to logic and rational thinking. They are the ones who will change this country.


Below is the Summary of the write-up:

1) Uttarakhand civic body Polls are NOT for Ideological Voting. They are for the vote on Development Issue.

2) It's Good to exercise Anti-incumbency (Not giving second term to sitting party) in Uttarakhand civic body Polls. This sets newer and Higher development standards for your Civic Body representatives.

3) Vote on the Candidate's Merit.


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