Friday 5 July 2013

DAV College Dehradun LLB 2011 Batch ...IMPORTANT INFO

Written by Anil Singh

Disclosure: This is not an information from Official Sources. Hence the Accuracy of this Information must be Checked.

DAV College Karanpur Dehradun LLB 2011 Batch ...IMPORTANT INFO:
This information is for LLB Students who have taken admission in 2011 Batch of LLB at DAV PG College Dehradun; and those who have appeared in LLB 1st Sem back papers held during December 2012 (that is six months ago). If such students are waiting for the LLB 1st Sem back papers result; then chances are that the result will NOT be Declared. 
The reason is: DAV PG College mistakenly conducted those  LLB 1st Sem back papers.
Under the HNB Garhwal University rules, the back papers of 1st Semester are conducted with the Semester Exams of 3rd Semester. That's, as per university rules, For LLB 2011 batch, the 1st Sem back papers must be held in July or August 2013, that's by this month's end, or next month. 

As in the disclosure, this is not the official info. You can confirm the information with the DAV PG College, Karanpur, Dehradun.

If the information is correct, then all those LLB 2011 Batch students, who are waiting for LLB First Sem Back Papers Result, so that they can take admission in 3rd Sem exam and appear in 3rd sem exams in August 2013; will not be able to do so. In the absence of Ist Sem back paper result, they will have to reappear in 1st Sem back papers once again; and reappear in all Sem 2 papers as Ex Students.

If however, DAV makes the University agreeable to the relevancy of the 1st Sem Back papers held in December 2012; then that will Help all students of LLB 2011 batch who appeared in those back paper exams.

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