Sunday 25 August 2013

Understanding Incomplete Status in IGNOU MP June 2013 TEE Result

Written by Anil Singh

Understanding Incomplete Status in IGNOU MP June 2013 TEE ResultIGNOU has declared the June 2013 TEE result. Many of the IGNOU MP (Management Programme) June 2013 TEE examinees are not clear on the 'Incomplete status' in their grade cards. The Incomplete Status on the grade card is because of three reasons: 1) Theory Marks have not been declared yet. In such a case the candidate will see the Assignment grades in the Gradecard but no marks in Theory field. May be the candidate also sees a 'Star' sign in the throry field. In such acase wait for your result. 2) The Theory grade has been declared ,but the Assignment Grades are not mentioned in the grade card. As a result the Grade Card is showing incomplete. The reason for this is: The Study Centre has not sent the Assignments to IGNOU. In such a case, contact your study centre. 3) One possibility is also there. Say you see all the Grades for the assignments and the grade for the Theory in the grade card, Still you see an Incomplete Status. The reasons for this scenario is explained below:
Say you have got C grades in all Assignments of a paper. Say you received D Grade (just example) in the same paper in the TEE. Then two scenarios are possible. 1) If your C grade in Assignments and D grade in the TEE, when taken together, make an overall C Grade. Then you will see the Status as "Complete". As you need an overall minimum C grade to pass the paper (Complete Status). 2) Say for instance your C Grade in Assignments and D grade in theory, overall don't make for a C Grade; then unfortunately the status will be Fail (or incomplete). You will have to reappear in the said paper. To understand this , lets see the C and D grades in percentage terms. As per IGNOU Prospectus, C Grade: 51-60 Percent D Grade: 41-50 Percent Say a candidate in a paper gets an overall C Grade , 51 percent marks in Assignments. Say the candidate in the same paper gets D Grade, 41 percent marks in Theory or June 2013 TEE. Adding the Assignment Grade and Theory grade in the paper will make for 51+41= 92 percent or 92/2 = 46 Percent or an overall D Grade. Now to Complete (Pass) a paper, one needs a minimum of C Grade (Overall). And 46 percent is a D Grade.  
Hope the explanation clarifies the confusion about Incomplete Status in IGNOU MP June 2013 TEE.

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