Saturday 5 October 2013

Class 12th Books for SC, ST candidates in Uttarakhand remain Undistributed: Report

Written by Anil Singh

Even after 23 years of Mandal Commission, the negative bias towards SCs, STs still exists in Indian Society. Some oppose the Constitutional privileges to SC, STs and OBCs on the question of 'Ability', others on the question of 'Appeasement'. This results in less than adequate implementation of schemes for the reserved categories.

In a recent report laid at Uttarakhand Cabinet, it is reported that the free books meant for SC, ST students in Uttarakhand Government schools were not distributed to the students. This too, after multiple reminders by CM Office to do so.

Uttarakhand is not alone. There's a strong anti Reserved category bias in other states as well. One example is Gujarat, which sees every such scheme as an Appeasement.

This is unfortunate. If the Constitution of India gives SC and STs this right; then who are the Governments and the bureaucrats to sabotage such implementation. If the Governments do want to axe these privileges, then instead of using such dishonest tactics, they should scrap the Constitutional provisions by Special Amendment mechanism. But for God's sake, if something is meant for SC, ST and OBCs; then please make sure it reaches them.

A Call To Action: The Union Government of India launches hundreds of schemes for Reserved categories. They range from School fee exemption, free books, reservation in admissions, free coaching for Government Services exams, loans, employment etc.

The only problem is: There are no takers of such schemes.

Why? As the schemes are not communicated to the SC. STs. As a result most of the money allocated for such schemes is never spent.

The things will not change, till SC, STs demand their Right. And there's nothing wrong in demanding it.

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